62 Best Non-Cheesy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him

February may be one of the shortest months of the year, but it's got a *major* gift-giving holiday. Flowers and candy aside, picking the Valentine's Day present that'll make your S.O. swoon can totally take your relationship to the next level. Don't get me wrong—finding the perfect gift for your partner can be a lot of pressure, especially if you're a brand new couple or this is your first Valentine's Day together. But, this list truly has something (not cheesy) to make any guy feel special, whether he's a home chef or amateur photographer.

There are even some ideas that'll make you both smile. Whether you're looking for something expensive and luxurious or affordably available on Amazon, there are tons of options on the list below. Look no further for 62 of the best romantic, thoughtful Valentine's Day gifts for men in 2023.

Fed up with the usual dinner dates and movie nights? This box has 100 unique date ideas to spice up your relationship and keep the spontaneity going for years to come.

Maybe you made memories over a pie, or your partner just really appreciates an extra cheesy slice. Either way, this box will be a hit. It's a pizza-themed game that's perfect for your next date night and might actually bring you even closer together.

There's nothing like a good love letter, but this takes that up a notch by putting your most romantic words in a full-on book. This book is filled with prompts you can respond to with cute details about your partner, making it extra personal.

The Lovebox is great for long-distance couples. Simply download the app on your smartphone, write or draw your message, and send it. Then, your partner can view it on the screen inside their box and send you something in return.

Most instant cameras don't have a digital screen that'll make it easy to capture images. This one does just that, and for only $50, it's a total bargain. You'll love taking it on vacay together, then framing the pics to hang up when you get back.